After this woman audaciously touched Jesus’ garment and received her healing, He asked who touched Him. That’s when she fell at His feet trembling with fear. This woman not only reverenced Jesus, but she was shaking in her boots, terrified of the consequences of her actions. She hadn’t done what she was supposed to do: sequester herself; bring two birds—either turtledoves or pigeons—to the priest to offer as a sacrifice; and be formally declared clean.

She was totally out of line. Nevertheless, Jesus, the embodiment of grace, demonstrated that faith, not the keeping of the law, is what obtains purification and salvation. Thus, Jesus told her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering”. This woman applied some faith pressure to her pain point and got a supernatural release.

I wonder, what’s your pain point? Your trigger point? Your pressure point? Your area of agony? Trauma? Tragedy? Sensitivity? What makes you feel down and discouraged? Is it your health? Finances? Relationships? Job? Business? Ministry? Emotions?

Whatever your trigger point is, put some faith pressure on it, and your trigger point will become your turning point. Watch God turn it around. Watch Him make a way. Watch Him heal your body. Watch Him increase your finances. Watch Him bless you with a new and better job. Watch Him bring patrons to your business. Watch Him send you the help you need. Watch Him grant you access into places that were once closed off to you. Watch Him command others to bless you. Watch Him release a harvest from the seeds you have sown over the years.

Apply faith pressure to every life pressure, and God will bless you!